annual performance show

Our annual performance show is held every year during the first weekend in June at a local high school auditorium. Our performance show features the entire studio in an entertaining themed performance! For example, our opening and closing numbers involve the entire studio dancing together and each individual class’ dance is related to that year’s chosen theme! Our show is not just a recital it is an event!

To purchase tickets for our 2015 recital, "School Daze" please visit Tickets are $13.50.

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our mission...

Our mission is to create a studio full to overflowing with joy! Smiling faces, children who are discovering and developing their artistic side and this builds their self confidence. We want children to walk away from every class knowing that they worked hard, did a great job and each of them feels beautiful and confident. In every class we want to give your child the encouragement and direction they need to excel. We believe that children can learn best in a positive, happy, creative environment and that is our passion at Accented Motions. We want every class to leave every child feeling valuable, beautiful and satisfied knowing they worked hard and did their best.


Linda Rath